Our Mission Statement says that we are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our pupils through rewarding effort, encouraging success, building confidence and raising self esteem.

We welcome children from all backgrounds, ethnic roots and cultural traditions. We have had people with local roots and also children with roots in England, Spain, China and Russia.

Alongside this all religions are welcomed and accommodated in Earlview.


Where do our children come from?

We are a school with children from our local community and much
further afield. We have children from: New Mossley, Ballyduff, Mallusk, Beverley and Fairview areas, Rathcoole, Belfast, Ballyclare, The Brambles, Rathfern, Carrickfergus, Straid, Antrim Road, Berrylands and other areas.


A strong work ethic

In Earlview we have very high expectations of all our children.  We expect them to work very hard and progress in line with their ability. They will be stretched and taught to aim high for themselves and not to accept second best in any aspect of life, including their work in school. 

Our staff will constantly monitor their progress to ensure they are fulfilling their potential and if they are not, we will strive to rectify the situation through whatever action is required.



We have good behaviour and manners in Earlview and are always working hard to ensure that that does not change. Our Positive School Behaviour Policy, Pastoral Care Policy and Child Protection Policy are all working documents which we use to keep school a happy place for all our children in our care. We have a counsellor in school weekly and are actively involved in a children's mental health programme - Active Little Minds.


Where do our child go after Primary 7?

Our children are given opportunities to attend all local secondary level schools in the area. Over the last five years we have sent children to the following schools:

Ballyclare High, Belfast High, Antrim Grammar, Carrickfergus Grammar, Ulidia Integrated in Carrickfergus, Ballyclare Secondary, Glengormley High and Abbey Community College.

In September 2020, 90% of our P7 pupils who had left in June 2020, and had applied for grammar school places, got them. WOW!

We have a close working relationship with these schools, with most of them coming into Earlview every year to tell our children about their particular school and what it has to offer them as a pupil.

We have particularly strong links with Glengormley High, through the extended Schools Programme.


Special Educational Needs


We care for our children as individuals in every aspect of their lives. We therefore strive to meet the educational needs of each child, irrespective of their ability. Where specialist help is required, we will seek it actively. RISE, which consists of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and other professionals, are frequently in Earlview. Educational psychologists also visit us from time to time. We currently have a full time Literacy Support Assistant,15 Classroom Assistants and are involved in the "Engage" programme which supplies extra teachers for P1-7.



Each year the Board of Governors prepares and annual report for parents. The report details what the school has done that year to give the children the best possible education we can. You can access this by clicking the link below.


Our School grounds

We take great pride in our grounds and make a real effort to ensure that they look well during all four seasons of the year.

We have invested money to make our outdoor areas great for learning and use them regularly. Our P1-3 playground has upgraded in Autumn 2020 and includes lots of new activities to learn through play.

We have playground markings which can be used for lunchtime games but also by teachers for helping to teach maths and other subject areas.

Our commitment to conservation is evident in our willow dome, pond with frogs and goldfish, a Conservation Garden with herbs and seating, eating apple and plum trees, vegetable plots, pots at the front door and shrubs and plants through the site.