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In Earlview we go above and beyond



Most years we enter the "Best Kept Nursery" Competition. This is held in the summer term and we have been delighted to have been awarded "commended" twice in the past four years and also "highly commended"twice in the past four years. In 2015 we also WON the competition.

Come down and have a look.


Our school is within walking distance to a local forest near Mossley Mill, the headquarters of Newtownabbey Borough Council. Realising the educational potential of this facility, two teachers have been trained in the "Forest School" programme and have been awarded the green flag for their work. Classes go down to the forest for literacy, numeracy and science lessons regularly. We have also developed our own forest and nature areas in school so that all classes can enjoy the outdoor lessons.



Staff training is very important to us so that we continue to use the expertise we have for the children's benefit. Two teachers teach our children Heart Start and have their own training kept up to date to enable accurate information and skills to be passed on. We also have three staff trained in the First Aid at work. Many staff also have their Food Hygiene certificate to allow for safe baking in classrooms, such as on Pancake Tuesday! We have a defibrillator on site.

We also ensure that all staff are kept up to date with the latest ideas in education through regular updates in their training. This applies to both teaching and non teaching staff. We want the best for the children in our care and so we will continue this practice of constant improvement and training.


We make sure our children are aware of other people and needs in the community. In the last few years  we have raised much money for charities such as the "Guide Dogs  for the Blind".

We have paid for three dogs to be trained by this organisation and  are watching their progress  through the training programme. 

The NI Hospice,Red Nose Day,  Children in Need and the Poppy  Appeal have also benefitted from money from Earlview during the past year. We recently gave £1800 to Women's Aid.

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In November 2021 the Primary Five class was the first class in our school to receive Bagpipe lessons. The Ulster Scots Agency purchased 30 chanters for the school and paid for an initial ten lessons for the Primary Five children.

The Ulster Scots Agency in partnership with the school are aiming to purchase chanters for three classes by February 2022 and provide 25 lessons per year to each of these classes. It is hoped that this will be a long-term arrangement in partnership with the Ulster Scots Agency. 

In addition to learning how to play the chanter, the children will learn how to how to read music and develop their overall understanding of music theory. 

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